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DIV532 - This innovative underwater laser pointer is waterproof up to 200 feet deep. Perfect for pointing out undersea life without disturbing the reef. It is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and allows anyone to:

·         Signal your diving partners easily.

·         Project a green laser beam and point out marine life and objects from as far as 5,000 feet away depending upon light and water conditions.

·         Interact with marine life without disturbing the natural food chain. Many fishes will follow the beam.

·         Draw marine life out of coves for underwater viewing and photography.

          This pointer can also be used on land. However, the switch button is harder to press when it is not used under water because the firm switch was designed to withstand water pressure up to 50 feet. The switch may be turned on by the water pressure at 50 feet and deeper.

DIV635 Same as DIV532 except it projects a red laser beam and points out marine life and objects from as far as 1,000 feet away depending upon light and water conditions.

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List Price

$249.94 $99.94

special discount unit prices

1 (quantity) $189.94 $89.94
2+ $179.94 $84.94
5+ $169.94 $79.94
10+ $159.94 $74.94
Laser diode Sony Sony
Max. Output 5 mW 5 mW
Wavelength 532 nm 635 nm
Max. Distance 5,000 ft. 1,000 ft.
Batteries 2 x AA 2 x AA
Battery life 4 hours 15 hours
Dimension 1"x7.3" 1"x7.3"
Weight 9 oz 9 oz
Housing Aluminum Aluminum
Warranty 6 months 6 months

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