Charlie Smith’s real name is Charles Smith. There is no definite record about him or his musical career. He was not mentioned much in the jazz music genre nor was he mentioned in other major musical field. The only popular or familiar information that can be gathered about him is that he played or performed in Oscar Peterson’s group. He was not too much of a public figure although he was known to be an American jazz drummer and percussionist.

Nevertheless, this article will talk about him and the field of music he has chosen to play. He was a jazz drummer and percussionist. And to become one of the jazz drummers and one of the jazz percussionists, a musician has to understand and comprehend what jazz is and even learn how to play and perform it onstage.

Charles “Charlie” Smith was born on April 15, 1927 in New York City, New York. He died at a fairly young age of 38 in New Haven, Connecticut on January 15, 1966. No one knows or has any record of the reason or cause of his death. That could be why there is nothing much written about him or his career in the music, especially jazz music, industry.
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During the span of his short lifetime, he has had the chance of playing with famous musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Hank Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Pettiford, Piano Red (Blues), Billy Taylor, and others. Although there is not much information about how he started his career or how he has come to be involved with famous musicians like the above-mentioned personalities, it is obvious that Charlie Smith has got a talent like any other musician who gained their prestige and honor through their efforts. He would not have been able to play or perform with popular people if he did not have what it takes. But he sure did.

His specialty instruments were the drums and percussions. Playing these instruments can be hard if played alone because these instruments do not really speak words or make melodies or tunes on their own. In probably getting to hone his skills and talents on the said instruments, Charlie Smith’s efforts could have brought him to people who trained and taught him well that he was able to reach the stage with famous celebrities of his time.

Despite his life being so short, there will always be someone inspired by his music and his style. And there will always be people who will look up to him not because he is well-known or because he was a musician but because he served his purpose and role while still living.